By Ibrahim Mohammed, Kano

The opening ceremony of oil houses in Mariri area in Kumbotso local government and Dorayi in Gwale local government was attended by the people of the area and the fathers of the country.

Speaking after the inauguration of the Nepal oil station in Dorayi, the Group retail head of the company, Ezinne Nwazulu, said that they came to Kano last year in the month of November, the main thing that attracted their attention was the kind reception they received in Kano and they were conducting their business without any hatred.  or showing religious and ethnic differences.

She said that they have been well accepted in Kano because of the way they do business with the people.

Ezinne said that the new petrol stations in Mariri and Dorayi have made them a source of fuel for the community at a price approved by the government and they will continue to build other petrol stations in Kano and other northern states.

She said that the Nepal Energies company trains young people in the community and usually those who work in oil stations are who have experience and are close to the place they work.

She urged the Nepal workers to be honest wherever they are and to be good in dealing with people.

The group retail head of the firm Ezinne  Nwazulu said that the Nepal company is doing charity work to support the community, including the construction of boreholes wells, education support and other things.

In his speech, the representative of the District head of Gwale, Malam Abdullahi, said that they are proud of the Nepal  for the petrol station the area it can assist in providing job opportunity to youths.

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