By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano

The candidate of National house of representative from Fagge Local Government under the platform of Peoples Democratic Party PDP, Hon. Aqibu Sani Lawan said Atiku Abubakar is the only best and deserved one among all presidential candidates in the country.

He said Atiku Abubakar has leadership experience because he serves as Vice President to President Obasanjo for eight years and he is a businessman he knows how to tackle the problems of economic deterioration problem in the country and made the Nation free from insecurity problem.

He said PDP now is getting more support and acceptance among peoples in every were in the country. Peoples are trooping and joining the party because they believed with the manifestos of the party and the quality of leadership of the its presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar.

Aqibu Sani Lawan said as youth who is contesting for Fagge Federal constituency in PDP he is always getting the support of youths because they believe in his contest and they will benefit from his plans in assisting education, Health development and assisting the people by reducing them with hardship.

He said his candidature has been accepted by the peoples in the entire nooks and corners of Fagge Local areas regardless of party differences due to their believed in him.

Aqibu said he is getting this acceptance because since he is intermingling and contributing in a different affairs of peoples developments which includes Islamiyya schools education and modern education and also in the area of sport development.

He said he also give contribution to the health scheme system “”Lafiya Jari “introduce during  Rabiu Kusa Kwankwaso administration as one of the member of the scheme and the leader in the system  that is  the reason peoples use to call him “Lafiya jari.

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