By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano.

The new elected member of the Kano state house of assembly of Gezawa Local government.Hon.Abdullahi Yahaya Tsamiyar Kara has thanks the peoples of the area for ensuring his victory during the conduct of supplementary election on Saturday.

He said this while speaking with journalist after declaring him as the winner.Adding that when the Governor and state assembly election hold he was elected with alot of votes,but the election declared as inconclusive, now after the supplementary election the peoples of Gezawa give maximum support and won the election.

Hon.Abdullahi Yahaya Tsamiyar Kara,who is the former elected chairman of Gezawa local government twice, said that,he is praying for God to hold his hand, and guide him in doing the right things for the development of his community.

He called on the peoples of the area to pray for him, help him with his contribution to give him power and opportunity to implement good projects for the developing of the local Government.

He pointed out that Gezawa local government have a large number of population With many towns and 59 districts heads,and have different needs including lack of roads, water supply, schools, electricity and the problem of soil erosion.

He hope that God will give him ability and success in taking the needs of his peoples one by one to implement them.


Tsamiyar Kara said that the peoples of Gezawa are great, intelligent people’s who know what is good for them and for the progress of their local government.


He pointed out that when he was Gezawa local government chairman peoples nows his performance and contribution he made to the development of his community.They are aware of those who love them and care for them, and those who ignore them.That is the reason they have given him highly support and vote him.






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