By Bello Hamza, Abuja

The Deputy National Women Leader of All Progressive Congress APC, Hon. Zainab Abubakar Ibrahim has stated that Nigerian women are solidly behind the Adamawa state gubernatorial candidate Senator Aisha Binani in her bit to make history as the first elective governor in the country in 2023 general election despite the declaration of the election results as inconclusive.

She stated this in a chart with journalists in Abuja, she therefore says that, “I want to categorically state here that all Nigerian women are solidly behind Senator A’isha Binani and we commend her for standing firm to defend her votes. Her votes are not just for her they are the Nigerian women votes. They’re the votes of the Adamawa women who came out in mass to vote for her. And it is totally unacceptable to declare that election inconclusive because the results are already known. Results are transmitted directly from the polling unit to the servers it has fine viral. Everybody can see any person can see in his room and then calculate what has been transmitted on the server. Fufore results has already been on the server and since yesterday we all have calculated and A’isha Binani is leading. And so we are calling in INEC to declare senator A’isha Binani the winner of the Adamawa gubernatorial Election.They should declare her the governor elect in this gubernatorial election. Section 65 of the electoral act gives INEC one week period of doing or undoing the decision they have taken during the Collation some are calling on INEC to take advantage of that one week as declare Senator Aisha Binani the governor elect return her as the winner of the gubernatorial election in Adamawa state because she has won”.

She further explains that ‘I sincerely don’t see there is any need for that. Because the election has already been conducted and the results are known but I want to state it here without any fear if this election are repeated hundred times Senator Aisha Binani is going to win hundred times. so i don’t think there is any need to take us backward. Let us move forward for heaven sake. Let is declare the first female governor elected in this country. Let us declare her let her start planning how to take over. I am very sure that Once Aisha Binani takes over Adamawa state there will be more women going to be governors because she is going to perform beyond what we have seen in this country.”

On if the issue reach election tribunal, she has this to say, “We have faith in the judiciary of course because the servers are there to defend our votes for us because as is he mention earlier right from the polling unit the results have already been transmitted to the server so we have every confidence that if it gets to Tribunal A’isha Binani Is going to win”.


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