By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano

The Chairman Forum of former Kano state Governorship candidates under the political parties who withdrew for Dr.Abdullahi Umar Ganduje in 2019 election,under the candidate of JMPP.Alhaji Ghali Auwal Goro Kofar Mata.Who is also the chairman of Ghali Goro Kano 44.Local Governments for Tunubu/Shattima.Gawuna/Garo (TS/GG) Youth organization describe Asiwaju Ahmad Tunubu and Kashim Shattima as deserved, and capable candidate for Nigerians to elect.

He said this while speaking with factual online newspaper.Adding that by ensuring the quality of Bola Ahmad Tunubu and Kashim Shattima, which both of them,were former Governors of Lagos and Borno who had a record of good performance in their states،when they serves as elected Governors for two tenure in their states,ware among the reason his Gali Goro TS/GG organization is going round to 44 local Governments in the state campaigning for them, for peoples from the grassroots level to be aware with their quality of leadership and to vote for them under the platform of APC in the next coming election.

Alhaji Gali Auwal Goro Kofar mata pointed out that, when Asiwaju Bola Ahmad Tunubu lead Lagos,the state became one of the best in the country by providing them with social amenities.

He further explained that Asuwaju maintained peace and security in Lagos, and made it well economic established state.He formed the cabinet of his Government with peoples from different zones in the Nation.

He said Bola Ahmed Tunubu will use his experience as he did in Lagos to transformed Nigeria to the great nation with economic development and to provide peaceful atmosphere.

Ghali Goro also said the vice presidential candidate. Alhaji Kashim Shattima former Borno state Governor has made a lot effort in tackling the Boko haram insurgents in the state and ensure security to the peoples of the state.
He added that with the all security challenge in his state he has made a meaningful projects in areas of education,Agriculture and Youths development among many others.

The chairman of Gali Goro Kano 44 local Government TS/GG Youths Governor Ganduje on e-trade markets said they are doing a lot of mobilisations programmes within the nooks and corners in 44 Local Government of the state to enlighten the peoples on the quality and importance of electing all APC candidates.

Alhaji Gali Auwalu Goro Kofar mata said the organization is also campaigning for the Kano state Governor candidate who is deputy Governor of Kano state.Dr. Nasir Yusuf Gawuna and his deputy.Hon.Murtala Sule Garo for Kano peoples to give them maximum support to vote for them during the election under the platform of APC.

Goro said Gawuna and Garo are good gentlemen who will come and continue with good projects started under the administration of Dr.Ganduje because they work with him they have expiriance of good leadership that will move the state forward.


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