By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano

Kano state council of the Labour Party expressed its fully dissatisfaction with the manner at which some wrong elements are trying to divert the attention of candidate forum in the name of defection which is deceit.We are strongly such category of people to know that “we” Obedients are fully in support of Obi-Datti movement 2023 100.29% in Kano and if they insisted to go ,it is Democratic right for them to single handedly as empty as they are.

The state chairman of the Kano state Labour party Alhaji Muhammad Abdullahi Raji said this during the press briefing he emphasis its readiness and full support to national headquarters, the national chairman of the great party,office of the National secretary General who are also working tirelessly to ensure peaceful coexistence geared towards the forthcoming election and enjoined all supporters from polling unit to state levels including all support group members to strengthen more efforts towards actualizing the desired goal the great party for delivering 75 %votes in kano for the forthcoming 2023 general election of all elective position in labour party.

Alhaji Muhammad Abdullahi Raji added that it is very imperative for all members of party to jointly work together to be able to achieve goal in federal states levels for the good of Nigeria.

During the briefing the Kano North senatorial candidate of the Labour party Hon.Mustapha Shehu Gwarzo said that Alhaji Muhammad Abdullahi Raji is the authentic kano state Gobernotorial candidate of the party as listed in the INEC.

The party made the press briefing in the Kano state party secterial after the decamping of Eng.Ishaq from the party who was claiming to be the Gobernotorial candidate of the party and joined APC.

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