By Bello Hamza, Abuja

Zamfara state is an agrarian State with over 80 percent of the people engaged in various forms of agriculture. Major agricultural products include millet, guinea corn, maize, rice, groundnut, cotton,

tobacco, and beans. Yet we face numerous humanitarian crises, including food crises, poverty, and unemployment, all due to the lingering insecurity challenges ravaging us. We have some of the most

intelligent and resourceful people on earth, yet we cannot address these problematic issues and make Zamfara work.

If truth be told, the good people of Zamfara are not asking for much from anyone aspiring to lead them come 2023. They want a person that would bring an end to banditry, secure farms, and restore the glory of farming; provide good roads, good hospitals, good schools, and an improved supply of electricity.

Our people want potable water, food, and a roof over their heads. It is time to come up with sustainable policies that create opportunities and address the heart-touching humanitarian crisis. People want to be safe and to be able to harvest their farms.

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