By Bello Hamza, Abuja

The Nigerian Institute for Leather Research and Technology Zaria have conclude plans for the establishment of a world class ternary in Daura Emirate of Katsina,t his made know by the Director General, Prof. M K Yakubu during a courtesy to the emir, Alhaji Faruk Umar Faruk at his Palace in Daura.

He added that, the institute is only agency of federal government with the soul mandate of leather and research products in Nigeria, “So we thought that if we are allowed to develop the piece of land it is going to be better for the emirate, better for Katsina state, and better for Nigeria as a whole’

He further explain that, “When you come to a place like Daura emirate looking for a land of course you need to go to the owner of the land. That is the emir himself. So but since the land is owned by state government the next thing is to write officially to the state government or the commission to be allowed to take charge of the land and develop it. So the next thing we are going to do is to write to the state government which we are going to do earnestly”.

He also said that, “We have year marked 350 million Naira in 2023 budget for us to develop the centre. Right now we have been having some budget for it. For the past two years. Though it is not adequate but the shown by government to develop the land has actually heighten now. So I think it gives us some confidence that if given the opportunity we are going to develop it in shortest possible time.

The implementation of the standing committee was inaugurated last year. In the country aims to produce to reach 1 billion dollar worth of products from the sub sector. And then, one of the ways to ensure that this is attained is to have all our tanneries up and working and functioning as we are aware, we use to have 44 tanneries in Nigeria. Most of them in Kano and Kaduna and other places. Now we want to have one in Katsina State and which will be in a position to process all the hid and skins that are processed in the state. It is going to create a lot of jobs for teaming population in the state, also it is going to create wealth for the inhabitants of the state and Nigeria at large.


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